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FPV Wing Version 2.0 Build Log


I'm about to start building FPV Wing V.2.0. I just made a rough sketch of what I'm thinking and I'd like some feedback from you guys, if you are willing. I'm building two of these concurrently - one for Pilot-294 and one for me.

Is it too X-8ish looking?
Has anyone had experience with using clear material, such as plastic, plexiglass or acrylic to house a camera? Any advice on this?

In case you missed my amazing Version 1.0 build log, here it is:rolleyes::



Senior Member
Sweet. If I do end up getting an fpv platform in the future ill end up putting landing gear on it too. I'm super excited to see these being built!
The sketch looks great and I'm excited to see some photos of the build. As for the clear enclosure, i've never flown with one but I remember hearing Bruce from RCModelReviews mention that he thought it was a poor choice due to a few things including overheating. I'm sure with proper venting that could be sorted out mind you..