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I ordered the plans from FRCFoamies this past week and I am in the process of converting the plans to gcode for my needle cutter. If anyone is currently building the Mosquito I would like to hear about your motor, prop and ESC decision. There is not much activity on the RCPowers forum so hopefully someone here can add some details on their build or a similar twin engine build. So, looking at the current availability of the motors today these are the three that appear to fit the bill for a 2S 2200mAh battery setup with 8 inch 3 bladed propeller. I may do a 3S battery but I would prefer to keep it light and scale like in performance.

I may consider the FT Radial 2212 but the shaft is too short to add a spinner on the one that I have. I am not sure if they have changed the design recently.

Suppo 2212-10 1400kv
Lipo Count 2-3 (7.4v - 11.1v)
RPM per volt 1400 kv
Current Capacity 16A
Dimension: 27.5mm x 30mm
Weight: 47g (1.65oz)
Shaft Diameter 3.17mm
Recommended ESC: GH-20A
Recommended Prop APC 9 x 6 on a 3S(11.1V)
Style of Flying Warbird / Faster

EMAX CF2822 1200KV
Input Voltage: 2-3s LiPo (7.4-11.1V)
kV: 1200kV (RPM/V)
Max Efficiency: 82%
Max Efficiency Current: 7-16A (>75%)
Stator Dimensions: 22x10mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Weight: 39g
Recommended Model Weight: 200-600g
Recommended Prop Size: 9 inch to 10 inch

Flite Test "Radial" 2212B 1050kV
Weight: Approx. 56g with wires and bullets
Wire AWG: 20AWG
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Height: 12mm
Shaft Diameter: 6mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Motor Diameter: 27.7mm
Motor Height (Minus Shaft): 26.50mm
Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 - 16.8v)
Bullets: 3.5mm - Preinstalled


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Hi, tho i haven't built that particular aircraft. I can tell you that any of them would be a good fit. And they would all handle 3s very well tho the tree blade at full throttle may push the 1400kv one a bit. Your best bet is probably the 1200kv emax.

I built a twin cargo plane similar in size and with small crappy racerstar 2208 1400kv and it was perfectly adequate. I think probably the best bet os seeing what you currently have in terms of lipos and fit the motor to use those


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What foam board are they designed for? I like the look of some of the plans
They're made for 6mm depron. Foamboard works well, I've built a few of there's. My only reservation is that depron comes in a longer sheet so for instance i had to make the tail control surface on a separate piece and tape it on.

I'll make another FRC plane this year. Revisiting the alpha jet mk2 which I scaled down. Making a proper full size version this year.

Here is my frc su 37. Foamboard and tape. Amazing airplane