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Frcfoamies Two Axis Thrust Vector Mount


Jay Rothwell ( Boxermad84) created this excellent thrust vector mount that can be easily added to any 6mm thick Foamie . Easy to use, tough and pretty cheap too! All you need are two servos, one for rudder one for elevator, and 2mm control rods. All other hardware is included for £15. I beat mine up and it took it like a champ!
It's available at www.frcfoamies.com here is my flight video of the x31 with that mount installed:
Yeah, amazing how simple. He and I were talking one day about the fact that there is no good one out there that isn't too complicated or heavy, and within a day he had this thing designed. And within 2 he had it cut out of ply! They are good quality and really polished. And above all, easy to use! Ill be putting my next one on the su37 to get some good cobra action. Then, the mig will be next.