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fred0000's 1s nutball (parkzone champ doner)


Senior Member
I got a champ for pretty well free, it was 90% CA glue and flew terribly, after the nutball show flitetest did I knew I wanted to make one.

this one is 12.5" accross and I just "winged it" no build pics once I got going I just kept going till I was flying it.

I am really happy with it, the motor mount area could be stronger but whatever, it flys great and it was my first scratch build.


Senior Member

I'd like to see a video!
i'd like to get a video of it also, i'm not the best pilot but i'll try to get my girlfriend out to film me fly again. it was dark tonight when I tested it so I only flew it for about 5 minutes.

i'll try for tomarow if its nice again, but it was snowing today, and calling for rain for the next week atleast.


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this is what i have been looking for !!! have a bunch of kids (Scouts) who want to build models and i think this would be a great start for them. Wonder if you could rubber band power this? hhmmm :)


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Does any one have a more specific set of planes for the one using the champ parts? Or should I just wing it? This will be my first scratch build.