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Fred0000's christmas helicopter build


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as some of you may have noticed in my heli photo thread I mentioned I had another build lined up, I recieved a kit from my girlfriend for christmas and wanted to document the build, I will take pictures as I remember and post up my progress.

specs for this build are as follows

(this kit was shown as a copter-x kit in the ad when I bought it but that is not the kit I recieved, however this kit is still very nice, i'm not a fan of the shade of blue on the anodizing, but its not bad)

-eBay carbon fiber/aluminum heli kit
-HXT900 cyclic servo's
-Corona DS-919MG tail servo
-HK401B gyro
-towerpro 40a ESC
-Mystery D2632-3500kv motor
-Turnigy 20c 2200mah 3s lipo
-Turnigy 9x RX/TX

i'll try to cover as much as I can, anything you want a specific picture on, or want me to elaborate more on feel free to ask and i'll do my best to help.


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alot of these kits come with a few sections pre-assembled, it is a good idea to go over them and make sure the screws are propperly fastened.

the chassis section comes almost completly assembled as shown here.

next you will need the main head unit, that is also pre-assembled make sure the screws are properly fastened here FOR SURE, loctight is a good idea on some key screws and ball ends.

I go ahead and install the motor before the servos and head go in, leave the screws loose so you can set the gear mesh once the main gear is installed.

the next step for me is to install the cyclic servo's these need to be installed from the inside of the chassis (they can be installed from the outside but you will need to file the chassis plates to fit them in) you will need to remove a number of screws from one side of the chassis to be able to flex it apart enough to get them in, there should be very little effort needed to flex the chassis plates apart to get the servo's in.

I choose to install the servo's from inside the chassis as it causes the control rods to the swash plate to have less of an angle to them. the straighter they are the better (IMO) but it works fine both ways.

when you order your kit go ahead and order these "servo mounting parts" they are dirt cheap and will save you alot of swearing and pulling your hair out, the kits include nuts and bolts to mount the servo. these make life much easier.

all the servo outputs should be towards the back of the heli on all 3 servo's when they are installed.



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next up I prepped the tail boom for install, I use an antenna tube as a rod to push the belt through the tailboom.
(this is not the kit tailboom, i'm adding a carbon fiber boom to this one)

go ahead and fit the tail head on, and slip on the pushrod guids and servo mounts.

loosten 4 of the screws on one side of the boom block and slip it in and put the belt on the drive pully, (the tair rotor spins counter clockwise)
verticle and horizontal stabalizers also put on.

I also put the landing gear on so I could put this heli on my heli rack I made at work today.

here's a couple shots of my heli rack and my heli's stored on it. (excuse the messy work bench)

thats all for today, thanks for following along. hope its not to boring to read.
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No need for apologizing about the mess, you got a flitetest wallpaper and that makes it look awesome!

I'm now fully convinced that heli's are very complicated.


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the flitetest wallpaper looks great, I really enjoy having it on there.

the first one was very tough for me to build, but as you can see i've done a couple. i'm sure there is alot of stuff i'm leaving out. I have a Align T-Rex 450V2 manual but I havn't really used it to much, I have my own system now.

my HK250GT is still not built, now that is a build i'm not looking forward to. it is much smaller then I was expecting.


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sorry for the lack of updates but I ended up spending some time working on my race trucks as there is a big race coming up and I want to be ready for it.
I managed to get around to cleaning my bench today and a bit of progress on this heli.

quick shot of the ESC and RX that are going in, these RX's are pretty large and I know the 6ch HobbyKing radios bind to this TX but I like having the TG9X RX's bound to my 9x wherever I can, I do use the smaller 6ch's in smaller applications.

I like to mount the ESC's to the side of the chassis, I use ShooGoo to mount them, love that stuff. (got sick of double sided tape failing on my race trucks and switched to ShooGoo and never had a failure again.

thats all for now, progress is progress.


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Cool build. I see three turnigy badges there, that's a lot of orders.

thank you, I was afraid it might be boring, but I like to come back and read through it sometimes to kill time.
you caugt me! damn I hate hobbyking, ever since I started using them I havn't NOT been waiting for a package, they put 2 badges in one package I got lucky, but now i've got 4 of the damn things lol.


How many letters do we ge
So, how does it fly?

(I mean, yes, I know the whirly bits go round and round and all that... does it fly well??)


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it is a 450, I havn't flown it yet, I was trying to set up the gyro but it appears I got a lemon, I have an eflite g110 i'll put in and give it a whirl.