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Hey everyone...

We are looking for some feedback! We have been chatting lately about planes that Josh designs that never get put into KIT form or have a BUILD VIDEO that come along with them and what WE WANT TO KNOW... is would having FREE PLANS for new planes that do NOT have a kit of video be something the community would WANT? or would this be more of an nuisance bc of no instructions...

LET US KNOW! ;) . If it is well received you might be seeing some PLANS come out in the near future!!

Blessings everyone and thanks for being AWESOME!



Some guy in the desert
Sounds like fun! I'm actually kind of looking forward to building my Simple Scout tonight more than normal because there's no build video out yet :D


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
Even if it means more work for me...I say heck yeah!

Even without build videos, this amazing community will help everyone figure it out. Bring it on.
I think that Josh,is a great designer and I for one would rather see those plans come along with a kit, You can always use the parts in the kit to make accurate templates for you to build from scratch.It is too easy to make a mistake trying to cut out the parts from a plans only plane. Just my 2 cents fdnyjery


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Yes, YES, YES!!!
A million times yes!

The more plans available the greater the inspiration of others to tinker and have a go themselves!

Just my thoughts of course!

Have fun!
I say that I love the idea of plans. I have been scratch building a lot lately. But I feel like the build videos are very helpful. (Especially for new folk). If a plane is for sure going to be put into Kit form, I say make a video. But if it won’t be then I see no need. Pictures of the completed project would work just fine.