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Frog Junior Sailplane build log

Okay, so this is not my first balsa build (as you can see by my avatar) but it is the first that I am documenting. Probably won’t be the last either ;). I started by cutting out the wing ribs and leading and trailing edge. I didn’t mean to start building yet, but it was to tempting:ROFLMAO:. Wing is now mostly complete, oops!
As a side note: in the first photo, if it looks like the rib is backwards, it is. I got one wing half mostly done before I realized that I had them backwards, I had to cut them all off and turn them around, which wasn’t too hard. But it was slightly annoying.


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C'mon. Don't do this to me. I have too many other projects right now but this looks like a perfect 200% enlargement build at 40". 20" is way too small for my fumble fingers to try to work with. I'm really being drawn to the old timer designs lately. I've done the Mountain Models Tom-E-Boy 150 and the Mountain Models Little Bogie. I think I'm hooked on these old designs now. Looking forward to your progress.

Where did you get that from? I'm pretty sure that I built one of thosei in 1965!
Found the plans on outerzone Here to be exact. Made a little more progress on the fuse. Made it single piece side panels as I want to make it rc and it will be easier to install this way. Turned out a little crooked but it’ll do!

You can kind of see the twist at the front of the fuse in the last picture.
Gluing up the dihedral now. Next step is to add the spar, which I should be cutting as the dihedral joint glue is drying. (Just to add on to my previous post) I am going to try to find a smaller 1s lipo that I can fit in here, the 650mah would be a little to big to even fit in here. I have been using a sky viper replacement battery for their drones on all my unpowered gliders, which by the way, are a lot of fun. An OrangeRx 610 and FT 5gram servos will all run off of a 1s lipo without a voltage booster.


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Are you going to coverit with traditional tissue paper and dope? We used to boil up flour to make tissue paste, though as a ten year old, I can remember not being quite good enough to remove the lumps.