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From a Hobby to a Dream

Hello FliteTest forums!

My name is Colman, I am Canadian and I'm a 15 year old boy. This will be my first post on these forums, And I hope to become a regular user. Here's my story for who it may interest.

When I was about 13 my dad decided it would be cool to buy a RC toy. So he decided his first buy would be the Blade 400 helicopter, ready to fly and came with a Spektrum DX6i aswell. My dad however realized the sale of his purchase, and never dedicated himself enough to learn to fly his helicopter. It has never been taken outside, But to this very day has made a nice showpiece in our family room.

We also had "Realflight" flight simulator, I enjoyed playing it and I got to the point where I could fly the planes well enough.
When I was going on 14 years old I really wanted a RC plane for my birthday. Luckily, I did get a Hobbyzone Supercub Lp ready to fly. I was so exited, Sadly I remember it was at least a few days before I could take it out, due to the wind. Besides a lot of panic from my dad and a "Good enough" nose landing, The first flight went good and I had a great time. My love for the hobby grew quickly, I was flying my cub on a daily basis. Then tragedy struck.

I took my plane to a park nearby my house, it was not my first time flying alone, So I took off an it was evening. Since I was in a residential area I didn't really notice the fog. So after taking off the plane reached a point where it was no longer visible, through tries to recover it, I knew it was lost. So I went home without my plane, deeply saddened.

That's where I learned about Flite Test. I was really upset about loosing my plane but I still was not done with the hobby, I started looking for new planes to get and my dad showed me the FliteTest video demonstrating the "Bixler" I thought it looked great. I was just getting ready to buy one, then suddendly my plane turned up! I ha put an add on my cities website forums and someone had found my plane. It was miraculous, Hardly any damage at all, Just an ever so slight tip of the wing was a little broken, and the battery had died for good, as the plane was lost for a good 5 days.

So fast forward to this last summer. I wanted to step things up a notch in two ways. First off, I needed a new plane. There were a few appealing planes, But the Beast was the one I wants most. The 4 channels, small portable agile design, and the AS3X system looked amazing.
The second thing I learned of was a pilot scholarship program for Canadian teenagers. I knew I loved flying, so I started the school year working hard, I attended Ground school classes, and eventually ended up writing a ground school test and attending an interview. Of all the applications, they could accept 65 people from the west half of Canada (which is my half). Now I wait, I will be going to "Gimli, Manitoba" for 7 weeks during the summertime getting my Glider Pilot Wings if all works out. This also makes me eligible to get my Piston engine license next summer.

I also did get the beast very late in the season due to a Massive all of stock during the summer, Snow fell before I could test it. However it's finally looking like just a couple weeks until I get to try it!!

So I post this because of your video on Control Surfaces. I found it inspiring, Flight has always been super inspiring to me. And I think it's awesome how you taught people about flight, and I hope I can be in similar shoes in my future. Although unlikely it would be amazing if one of the FliteTest staff read this! Keep making great videos, and I plan on posting frequently and being a useful member of the forums here. Have a great day and happy flying!!
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Monkey/Bear Poker
Good job Coleman, welcome to the forums and I am sure that one of the guys will read and respond!

Keep up the good work and enjoy, sounds like you have a bright future in aviation!


Rotor Riot!
Wow, wonderful! I'd really like to learn to fly an airplane some day... some day I will...

BTW, my post number, It's Over 5000!
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Foam Addict

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That's great! I have a similar story, but it takes longer so I won't tell! Next summer, I am going to a flight academy the civil air patrol organizes , not sure which one, as there are 11. Pretty good deal I say, 1 place, 1k, and one week of flight!
I got too busy this summer though, as I am either out of the country, or instructing at an rc flight academy while these happen.:black_eyed:
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What luck that you had someone find your plane and notice the ad in the local forum. Many of us have lost a plane at least once. Sometimes putting your name and contact info on or in the plane will get it back to you.
Thank you all for the kind responses. The Gimli glider is very coincidential, thanks for sharing that as I believe I will be on that same former base for my course; and I would not be surprised if its brought up during the seven weeks.


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This hobby is addicting and i try getting all my friends into the hobby and may have gotten my cousin to get HobbyZone Champ. Hopefully he does and you guys do :)


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Great story by the way;
My one friend was talking about a rc plane from Air Hogs, and I now realize those planes are junk. I went and got a champ and could successfully fly that. Then ended up with a super cub which i fly regularly. I am now looking at a apprentice for my birthday. Amazing hobby and I hope that others realize its greatness.