From Beer Tote To RC Field Box


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I was in Kohl’s recently to buy some pants and noticed a small, wooden beer tote that they had for sale. Immediately I thought of adapting it to an RC field box. But the $50 price tag was way too much.

A couple of weeks later I was there again to do an Amazon return and noticed the beer tote on the 50% off rack. $25 was still a bit high, but I bought it anyway. When I went to the cashier he first gave me the 50% off, and then an additional 25% off the balance. So the cost was around $19. Did I mention that it comes with a bottle opener?

The first thing I did when I brought it home was to try some transmitters. The Spectrum DX6 was a tight fit. It would work, but it was not a good fit. I have two other transmitters, one is an Eflite for a Sport Cub S and a Hitec Neon SS for a Multiplex Easy Star powered glider. They both fit fine. The interesting thing about the Hitec is that the throttle is on the back.

I made a small, foam board container to keep the tools and batteries away from one another. More tips on my blog at:


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Can you drink all the vest beer before it gets warm? Definitely a plus in say summertime Phoenix