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From Boats to Planes and Beach Flying - Bixler 2, Flyzone Sensei and Aircore

Hi, so I've been lurking around here for a bit and have watched nearly half of all the FT videos the guys have on the YouTube channel. I'm new to RC planes, but I grew up building and racing nitro boats. Had a few cars too. Currently I have a nitro OS tunnel hull that I run every once in a while.

Anyway, after months of watching videos, reading and putting many hours into RealFlight7, I'm about ready to order my first plane. I was thinking of ordering a Flyzone Sensei but based on price and FT's videos, I'm thinking of going with a Bixler 2 rather.

There are many places to fly around here. Plus, early at dawn, at the beach where I surf, there's really nobody there but the surfers in the water. Would be a great place to fly. I'm thinking the Bixler 2 with no landing gear and prop at the back would be good for landing at the beach. Anything with the motor in the front would be a problem as it will end up full of sand.

But that's just one place. There are many other open places, both grass and with pavement to take off. The beach thing is just one alternative.


1. I have the Bixler 2 in mind.

2. I'd possibly order a Sensei later on regardless, to help me learn runway landings.

3. Then, as a third plane, I keep getting drawn to the Flyzone Aircore planes. Would like a P51 or Mitsu Zero after I get the training down.

Any thoughts? There's also the off chance that I might go straight to one of the Aircores after the Bixler 2. Again, based on price. A little over $100 gets me one, where the Sensei is quite a bit more. I'm not super tight on budget, but to keep my wife happy, would rather not go too crazy spending.. (yet). :eek:

Oh, one finally thought. I'd love to build one or two of the FT Speed Builds, like the FT Duster or something like that. But before I get into building, I'd rather fly something "built" and tackle the building later on. I love building stuff and I know I'll end up over-engineering, painting, etc, etc. Rather concentrate on flying first.

BTW, I learn things really, really fast. ;) - Any advice directly related to my specific needs would be appreciated. Essentially, I want to have a bigger plane (58") for big spaces and a small plane (Aircore) for smaller spaces. You get the idea.