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frsky and 6ch tx

I need some advice.I have a jr sx600 computer tx.Can I put a frsky diy module in it. Mine is a 6ch,will it just ignore the outher 2 ch,and also can i put the one with telemitry. thanx for any help.


Site Moderator
I see no reason why it wouldn't work, you will however need to do some googling to confirm and get any tips and ideas from people that have already done this. Also the Module has nothing to do with the number of channels etc. The module is the basically the transmission frequency and type of modulation etc that your transmitter will use. I don't know anything about the JR radio you have but if its either a 72 or 36Mhz system then instead of using this frequency it will use 2.4Ghz frequency and FrSky's Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST) system.