FrSky M9 Hall Gimbals Racing technical questions


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I am currently building a custom rc remote and are in the process of searching good and not too expensive gimbals.
I came around the "FrSky M9 Hall sensor gimbal" which not just look like good build quality and are easily available and are hall gimbals (which until today I did not even know existed).

They also come in a "Racing" variant which limits throttle to 45°.
I have never used any remote with such a racing gimbal so I was curious.

If I buy one normal and one racing gimbal and I dont like the way it limits it, is there any way to "revert" them back to the default 60° range?
At least on most pictures they look the same.

Is the wiring similar to normal potis (i.e. one voltage in, one gnd, one voltage out depending on pos) or is this some kind of digital out?
The fact that you can simply upgrade existing transmitters suggests they work the same but I wanted to double check that.

Do you know of better gimbals which are available without a transmitter?



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The throw limitation is a mechanical thing. The electronics are all the same. Its the calibration once in the unit that adjusts movement to output ratio.

I would suggest getting the full range ones as they can more easily adapted to a shorter throw then opening up a choked down variant.

I fly with the m9's and the difference from stock to the hall effect is amazing. Super smooth and extremely accurate.
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