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Help! FT-22

WazUppp FT Members

Just purchased the F-22 kit and have gone through the build video several times.
Waiting for the kit to arrive... very excited to build it.
Wondered if anyone is still building it.
Any modification that have been made to make it better?
Was going to add a KfM airfoil... anyone experimented with this?
Was going to add bbq skewers to the leading edges of the vertical stabilizers & wings... anyone experimented with this?
What about running skewers front to back for rigidity. Maybe along the bottom to double as skids?

So... just a few questions :)



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Put a spar across the main wing would be all I would recommend from the get go. They have a tendency to bow anhedrally nose to tail on less than favourable landings. In my experience anyway. That's the big one.
Mini one is pretty robust and great with a 2204 2300kv(second one I built I flew full speed straight into a street light, only one tiny dent to the wing and a ringing from the lamppost complaining). If you've got some spare foamboard you could cut some spares. One thing I loved about the mini one. I could wreck one in the morning and have another ready for that evening. So quick and easy to build and repair.


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I built and flew the mini and full size F22. I put a 1 step KF doubler from the back of the prop slot forward along the leading edge. They are not the same plane but the KF foil plane glides way better, has more lift, than the flat wing and I feel like I don't need a spar. I would also run skewers along the bottom edge of the fuselage profile as TDL suggested. Hmmmm…..the plane is in another location right now but after digging it out of the tree I did run skewers length wise down the middle of the underside of the wings. Didn't seem to affect how it flew. Running on 4s now

The Hangar

Fly harder!
What batteries are you running? I have a 3s 2200 mAh and I cannot get the plane balanced at all. Do I need to get a smaller battery for this plane?
2200 3s is pretty big for the f-22. I’d recommend using a 1500 or something close to that. Mine balanced pretty well with one. I also flew it off a 1000 3s and that worked well too.