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ft aerobotic special

Paper planes.jpg

A scratch build I put together then accidentally left hanging in my old apartment.
I am planning on building it again and figuring out details.
Some advice I would love to hear is four or two ailerons and symmetrical vs asymmetrical airfoil
How aerobatic do u want it to be?
I would go all out.
4 ailerons and symmetrical wings for clean, quick rolls and easy inverted. Looking at the picture I would also enlarge the rudder and elevator slightly and add a bit more angle to the top wing.
I think I should make plans with two different wing options. Asymmetrical rounded long wings as a gentle option and clipped symmetrical acrobatic wings Pitts_Special_S1-S_Lorenz_Eberherr_4.jpg EJC-9387.jpeg
Right now im having troubles I changed the body a bit and the wings are seeming poorly sized.
2014-03-01 01.27.08.png


Dedicated foam bender
Looks great, but I think you are right on the wings. They look like they are a different scale, a much smaller scale..
New wings! ! !
I hadn't glued the old ones on yet.
They are a quarter of an inch deeper cord and five inches were added to the wingspan.
Not much but the wings look allot better to me. Now to sort out how tall the two are... its glued now and I like it but future plans will be slightly lower
2014-03-02 02.37.09.png
2014-03-02 02.37.44.png
2014-03-02 02.38.22.png