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FT Bloody Wonder spin and crash


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OK, so I have been watch the videos on FliteTest and have built two of the swappable series planes.
I started with the Nut Ball. That one didn't fly all that great so I switched to the Delta wing version and this plane has been the most fun I've had flying in a long time.
So now I'm trying to get the bloody wonder to fly. I built it and tried the first flight and the plane dropped is left wing rolled over and nosed in. So I rebuilt the fuselage because I found that it was not centered. The nose pointed slightly in one direction. (not square). So I redid the damage parts (wings and tail were fine) made sure it all look lined up. But when I did a test flight today I go the same results.
So my question is does the motor need to be pointed slightly to the right and maybe down in order to get it to fly correctly?

any help would be great.

It sounds like you're fighting P-factor or torque issues. Try launching at 1/2 - 3/4 throttle.once in the air slowly advance the throttle as the plane gains speed. Also, I balance my BW about 1/2" - 3/4" behind the wing spar. Too far forward (on the spar) can cause what you describe. In order to go further we need to know the motor, prop, battery setup. This will help us guide you through the troubleshooting process. Don't give up. The BW is an awesome flying plane. One of my personal favorites.

The BloodyWonder is actually what I plan to build over the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you find out whats going on. I would like to hear if you get this issue resolved.

I bet mgmccarron is on the money tho. I was having a similar problem recently with a mini cub sratch build (it wasn't crashing, but would bank hard left and almost smash into the ground). after a few launches i realized if I would back off on the throttle while launching (3/4 max) it would help.
Note*Small plane, big motor - not great scenerio for torque issues


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thanks for the reply
The Motor and is what was recommended in the video posted on how to put it together. The 28-26 (1200kv). The prop I don't remember but I would guess it was a 10x4.7 or close to it. The battery is a Turnigy 1.3 (1300 mah 4 cell) again it whar was recommended in the video so I think all that should be fine.
As for the CG I mounted the battery about 2" back from the nose and it balanced well with the balance point just back of the spar. Hope this helps in figuring out my issue.
I think you should move forward with your build I'm sure you will have better luck than I have so-far.


Biplane Guy
You should not be running a 10 inch prop on a 28-26, especially with a 4s setup. Try using an 8x6 on a three cell. Like Mike said, you are probably fighting P-factor (torque) because of the oversize prop.
Your setup is great. That's the exact same motor and battery that I'm running on mine but as AkimboGlueGuns said, you're way over on the prop. I run a 8x6E on mine and it's just about perfect but, if I try to launch mine at full power it would spin left from p-factor. I assume that would be even worse with a 10" prop. Also, I found that taping about 35 or 40 ft of crepe paper party streamer to the aft of the power pod and letting it trail behind adds tremendous stability. I do this for combat but found that it works for non combat flights as well. The extra drag helps to keep the nose facing forward plus it looks cool.
Let us know how it goes.


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Happy to hear that it my just be an oversized prop. I'll make that adjustment.
Tonight I started to removed the damaged parts of the plane and found that more parts are broken than I oraginaly thought so im going to
cut out a new one.
I'll keep you all posted.


Flite is good
You could even try an 8X4 till you get a handle on the launches.

Also, let you hand launch be smooth and as long as possible. Not just tossing it up into the air. Establishing a smooth airflow over the airframe will also help counter the torque issues.