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FT Brand ESC Failure/Help Please


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Don't know if anyone has experienced the same things as me, and it wouldn't surprise me with my luck that I'm the only one who's dealt with these issues, but in the past month, I've lost 2 1/2 planes to the FT 35A ESC. The first time, it was a twin where I didn't disconnect one BEC, so that's my fault. The latest 2 issues however have cost me two of my most prized planes, my Bronco and Spitfire.

My Bronco was experiencing connection issues, where one motor would connect fine after a battery was plugged in, but the other would keep beeping the connection tone repeatedly. It eventually stopped after another reconnect of the battery, but midair it disconnected, and with one motor spinning, it put the Bronco into the dirt.

My spitfire accident was just today when my friend and I were flying at the local park. I was running a stock Radial C-pack setup and on the 8th flight of the day, I lost all input control to both control surfaces and power.

I have checked all other factors such as battery capacity, motor overload, rX and tX issues, and wind as a possible factor.
Batteries were both above 50% capacity after each flight. Motor was nice and cool after each flight. Both flight accident occurred less than 100 feet in front of me and at an altitude of 50 ft and 35 ft, and range was tested on my spektrum dxe and spektrum 410, both of which preformed with full range capability. Wind was gusty, but was not a factor as during the time of both accidents, it was less than 10 mph.

Sorry for the rant. I am just frustrated beyond comprehension and I'm about ready to ask for a refund.


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Just curious, what radio system are you using? The reason I'm asking is that I've had an issue with an early prototype of the FT 80A ESC for the Monster Radial. I will state that again more clearly... NOT A PRODUCTION FT ESC. THe issue I experienced was where at rest the BEC was putting out 4.9v to the receiver. I use FrSky so I can monitor at least the receiver voltage on this. Under load, the voltage would sag to 3.4v which is definitely too low for the receiver. I got signal warnings and all sorts of issues due to this.

If you can check your receiver voltage at rest and at load it may indicate that something is awry and from there you could likely reach out to FT support.


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Hmmmm I wish I had that option. I have a Spektrum dxe and 410 rX. I definitely think it's a BEC issue though. I wonder if maybe that issue was never resolved before production started and maybe slipped through to sold products. I will see if I can hook something up to my rX to monitor voltage.