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FT Bushwacker

Looks underpowered. What electronics your running?
it’s not 30 amp esc 2306 2400kv motor with a 6-4 3 blades prop. That was a 2 cell battery that I flew last night with. With a fully charged 3 cell it balances out nice and of course power to fly but it will fly on a 2 cell no problem.
My son was trying record this video with my Nikon camera and he couldn’t get it to focus but this was after I crashed and broke one of the rubber bands so I think as it was flying the wing turned.

He tries lol



Junior Member
so I've had this body built a while so it might not be a bushwacker but I believe the wing is from a simple soarer. this is probably my best landing tho
Seems to be a little underpowered and quite 'Tail Heavy'. Maybe rebalance the plane and do a few Glide tests.