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FT Commuter Enduro Build


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Was that with the a full fuel tank?

Half a tank, and it didn't even care. ABout a 30 foot takeoff roll, touch of up elevator, and it was aloft. And it didn't once feel like it wanted to drop until the engine died. Next week it flies on a full tank right off the hop; I have no question anymore about whether or not itt'l carry the weight. It will.

I was hesitant to use this prop because I didn't feel like the engine could swing it, but that was very much unfounded; it pulls the plane with authority and the reduced RPM means better fuel economy anyway.

I guess it also underscores how ludicrously overpowered most FT designs are. The Commuter's supposed to use the weakest power pack they offer, which is twice as powerful as what I used while weighing a fraction less, and my plane took to the skies with ease anyway. My Commuter's underpowered and overweight by significant margins compared to spec and it still flies fine 'long as the fires remain lit.
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Encountered an intriguing problem that hasn't affected any of my other glow powered FT builds. The dab of hot glue on the nose strut holding the tire on just slid right off. Doesn't happen with the foamboard itself, but the hot glue on music wire joint just didn't survive the fuel. Solved it with the plastic clip that hold a linkage stopper onto the horn; that fits tight on the music wire(Had to force it on in fact) and that's not gonna fall off because of a whiff of methanol and castor.