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FT Cruiser motor choice?


Junior Member
I have 2 extra 24gram 1300kv motors from hobbyking, the ones recomended for the swappable series, does anybody know if these will work on the cruiser?


Just someone else.
Yup, works good, but it is a zero wind plane. Use an 8x4 GWS style pro and a 3s battery. I use the same setup on the ft flyer and the nutball.


Senior Member
If you want to do fpv and load it down with a heavier battery, the ntm motors that they recomend are . I use them in the spit, baby blender, and will in the versa wing once I get around to building it. Just a future upgrade possibility.
I don't know if anyone else has tried it but mine also flies great with two DT750s. I have 9" props but don't the pitch off hand. They're pretty steep.