FT Delta hot rod


I bought the three pack, Nutball, Flyer, Delta with the plan of bringing my Grandson into the fold. Still working on that angle. I had an F-27 Evolution. Great plane, but tends to fly on past the landing point(with me as pilot) and get into trouble. Mine flew into farm implements one too many times, so I pulled off the useable parts and chucked the rest.
I built the Delta and had very little success flying it. I guess I should have used more expo and limited the travel on the elevon surfaces. Well, I had this perfectly good receiver I pulled out of the F-27....... hmmmm.......
Wow! What a match. The Delta with the F-27 receiver flys better then the F-27 does! It's like a rocket sled on wheels. It can easily go vertical so fast I can lose sight of it if I'm not careful. It is by far the easiest plane I've ever flown.
So, if you have an F-27 that's crashed one too many times, here is a great use for the receiver at least!