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FT Duster Build (First Ever Build)

Looking forward to getting this build going. The glue gun should be in the mailbox sometime this weekend and I'm going to take some time putting it all together.

I actually bought this kit back in November 2013 along with the "Beef" LazerToyz power pack and it's all been sitting in my garage untouched. I'm hoping to get the plane together, minwax it, then paint it.

Now, here's my silly noob question... I've never actually built a plane that included an ESC (just own trainers so far). I have a DX9 Tx and I'm curious, do I just need to head to LazerToyz website to get the ESC programming instructions? Do I program it through the Tx? I don't have a problem soldering as necessary and getting it installed, it's just the software setup that's got me a bit befuddled as I pre-plan the build.

Anyway, I'll try to take pics during the process and post up here as I go. I'm highly impressed with the guys over in the FT Duster thread (adding retracts, wow?!). The one area I may deviate from the plan is I'll probably buy some actual wheels instead of using the supplied foam discs. We'll see...

Anyway, thanks for reading. Any advice on the ESC setup is appreciated.

God bless, Chappy

P.S. Here's what came in "the Beef"...

(1)1 Emax GT2215-09 1180KV 2.25 lbs thrust (includes prop adapter)
(2) 9X6 Emax props
(1) Lazertoyz 20 Amp ESC
(4) Emax Budget Servos
(1) 12" "Y" Servo Connector
(4) EZ-links ( 2 packs of 2)
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Programming the ESC is really easy. FT did a video explaining how to do it, but essentially all you need to do it start your transmitter with the throttle all the way up, then listen for a few beeps, and throttle down. After that unplug the plane, then shut off the transmitter. Then the programming is all done.
So I really want to build the FT-Duster but I cant find the "beef" electronics pack can someone please post a link because the one on the video doesn't work for me?
Akimbo, thank you for that. I didn't realize it was so easy. Yes, I bought "the Beef" package like three years ago so I'm certain there is a better alternative now. Looks like the C-Pack from FT is the ticket.

Started building this weekend. I'm so bad at remembering to take pictures but here are a couple. My son seems to be really enjoying the process. Me being the big dummy accidentally did an "A" fold on one of the fuselage folds so the fuselage was cockeyed. I had to carefully slit the fold and re-glue in the proper position. Looks really ugly now but it seems to be holding well and, more importantly, is now correctly aligned. I'm pretty sure the decks/canopy will cover most of the ugliness.

The kit itself seems to be well done and to this point is going together swimmingly. Since the boy is helping me out, it's going much slower than if I did it myself, but totally worth it.

All that said, once it's put together, obviously I plan to paint it. If I go with minwax (oil-based) and then rattle can on top of it, is there anything in particular I should know? Is one coat of Minwax enough? Assuming I need to do a light sanding between coats? Lastly, should I "clear coat" with another layer of Minwax or just go with a rattle can clear?

Thanks again, looking forward to finishing this build up.

- Chappy

(P.S. Have any of you ever added magnets to the canopy? Or do you all just use scotch tape to hold it on?)

2016-10-15 14.02.14.jpg 2016-10-15 14.03.02.jpg
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I have used magnets to hold the canopy on the Spitfire and the Mustang. I made them somewhat like the canopy for the Sportster. I just used a pin to punch through and mark the holes for the magnets. Then, widen the holes to the proper size and use a little hot glue under the magnet. Then I smeared hot glue over the top to seal it into the foam board.

BTW...pretty cool to share the hobby with your kid. Making great memories...