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FT Duster - BUILD

The Hangar

Fly harder!
one problem.... this plane is not scale... the canopy is far to square and high.... if you look at the real thing... it is different, very different
It's not meant to be scale! John's working on a scale one, but this is the cartoon one. I'll definitely be building the scale air tractor when it comes out, but for now I'm really enjoying my ft duster - it's a fast and simple build and is very fun to fly. :D


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For the red lines on plans I cut partway with a knife (pretty shallow) and then drag on old gift card or plastic hotel key through it. That's more of a 90% cut. To score the inside folds for the airfoil I just cut the paper then drag the tip of a bbq skewer through it.
thank you fidget!
in dragging the card and skewer, does that cut more foam, or simply compress it?


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anyone know how to bend the foam on the lines josh says to crease? should i just bend it against a straightedge, or slit the paper on the other side?


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wow, this a difficult plane to fly! (for me)

i am using the aura and getting pretty good at intermediate, but every time i switch to advanced, it just wants to fall out of the sky.
i don't fly it fast enough to keep it stable.