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FT EDge 540 Flight! Not What I Was Expecting!


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If you want something more, slowly move the CG aft and slowly turn up the throws. After you max out the Tx, on the servo move to the outer hole and on the surface move to an inner hole. Only move one hole at a time.
Be sure to test the stall characteristics after each change, the stall will change. Both moving the CG aft and increasing the throws will introduce instability. Flying with instability is a matter of personal choice, some like a little, some like a lot. Adjust the plane to fly the way you want it to fly.

I prefer quiet a bit of instability, CG around 30%, and a lot of throws.

The Edge is a very capable plane, I’d recommend learning on the FT3D because it will do everything the Edge can do but it’s far easier to build and repair. Save the Edge until you master 3D flight.
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