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FT Electrohub Spiderquad Maiden Problems.


Junior Member
Hey FT.

I've recently completed my first ever multirotor build with the Electrohub kit and Powerpack from the store.
The parts are as follows:

FT Electrohub frame.
Emax 2213-935 kv. motors.
Naze32 v6 flight controller.
BL Heli 20 Amp ESC.
FPV Rail - Long version
DJI style landing gear.
AR610 receiver.
3S 2200 65C Lipo battery

I've calibrated accelerometer and ESC's in Cleanflight and haven't touched the PID settings at all.
I've balanced the props.

My problem is that the quad is very twitchy and vibrates alot while hovering. Hovers at around 45% throttle.
And if I'm descending quick the quad starts to wobble and is practically impossible to keep under control.

I fly it in Horizon mode, but the same happens in rate. Tried Angle mode as well but the quad just flips over on me on takeoff.

Anyone got any ideas?
I would guess it is your PID settings. I'm not skilled enough to tell you which ones, but I would say you need to lower them and then tune them up again each until the wobble comes back and then back off a ridge till it goes away.


Junior Member
Was my first guess as well, but it just seems weird as they were left stock.
I have since converted from a spider quad configuration to a standard X configuration, but the problem still remains.