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FT episode idea (I really need some insite!)


Junior Member
Hello Flite test and friends,

I really need an in depth how to guide or help programming my Fatshark Attitude trinity head tracking!
I have watched youtube, read the manual, tried for hours and hours and this is simply beyond me without help from others!
I've watched all of the Flite test FEB videos but they never go over how to change settings in the goggles.
Honest I I want to do is reverse my tilt control because I fly a 3DR pixhawk quad with a tarrot gimble and when I look down my camera looks up... so frustrating and unflyable!
I've contested fatshark and readymade rc for help but even they didn't really help much they go me into the menu system but my Beep code is like nothing I've ever seen on YouTube or the manual!
My beep code
last time I looked at the manual there's not suppose to be 10 let alone 12 beeps!?

Please help Il upload a video later when I get home from Canada (I live in Florida )

Tom Atto


Senior Member
To reverse the tilt control, just go into your transmitter and reverse the output on the tilt servo's channel. You don't have to modify the glasses at all. The beep codes are a hassle so I try to avoid them if possible.

What's your transmitter?