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FT Explorer Tractor?

You can easily make a twin engine tractor by mixing the bronco with the explorer plans. To make it a single engine tractor otherwise you would have to totally redesign the nose and no long FPV friendly. Certainly can mix/match other FT plans to make it happen if you design which is the whole point of the explorer. So feel free to get creative.

Especially in the cold I don't care for pushers becuase so much louder coupled with the cold temps and bare trees the sound really carries. I feel quilty flying them at our neighborhood park. I too avoid pushers mostly during winter.
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I've thought about it. Would be easy to do and I'm sure it would fly great. How about a twin? One on the front and one on the back!
I too fly in a place that I would rather not make people angry about what sounds like an ambulance screaming by over and over...
I build the ft explorer for fpv as i'm always looking for a good, propeller free view, plane. I had a Bix3 and have set it aside as it was too much for me to handle in my field( I think it looks big so i'm intimidated). Well on to my point, the explorer was loud as I thought it would be, so I decided to go in the way of Josh and the true intentions of the plane. Designed my own...kinda.
I wanted a tractor prop but the same general size as the ft explorer... with out a prop in my camera. What I ended up with is a sea plane inspired tractor explorer.

Pretty much used all the same concepts as the Ft Explorer but raised the tail up where the pusher pod would be. Elongated the fuse about 4-5 inches for larger battery, flight stabilizer, and all wiring. Using the explorer wings. Sport for windy days and the trainer wing (with out center dihedral, just tips) for calm days and to float and fly slower. Motor is rainer up on an inch and half foam platform to give enough clearance for a 10 inch prop.

I hope this helps inspire you to do some plans of your own. I am in no way a plane builder. I believe this is the first or second plane i've done. Cool thing about ft planes is to learn the basic concept of what makes it fly and use same concepts on your design.