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Here is my design suggestion for the FT FLOATIE:


The Consolidated PBY Catalina! I'm slightly partial because it was built in my hometown, Buffalo, NY, but I think this would be a nice stable platform and would make a great airframe for the swappable pods.

I found a video of a RC one (looks like a kit, not a scratch build):


Whose with me?!?!?!
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I like the top wing twin motor aspect. It leaves the nose free for a camera pod. And of course it is a nice looking plane.
Heck yeah, a twin power pod swappable! Although, it should be noted....any newbs that watched that vid and thought...."boy thats pretty cool, I should buy myself one of those Guan Li models"....DON'T. As the proud owner of two (didn't learn lesson first time) Guan Li products....just know they are rubbish....completely and unabashedly CRAP. See link for a better option. In my mind the polaris makes a likely candidate for swappable conversion. Although power pod would have to see a shot of B12 to fly a polaris right.

Better PBY option

Polaris, a well documented favorite of foam board scratch builders for quite some time now with the added benefit of being able to take off and land on water or grass.
I am!!!!

i would love to see this as a challenge. make this a floatplane challenge!!!

no pontoons allowed

must be made of the usual materials

must be consistantly waterproof

must fly