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FT Flyer


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Hi Everyone,

I was curious to know if anyone is still flying the ft flyer ? Here are the spec that I found for the power pack. Motor, Blue Wonder 2712-12 ; ESC, 18 amp w/ 3a bec ; Prop, APC 8x4e; Battery, 500 mAh 2s or 3s 20c. Is there any changes you would make to the plane ? I have started this plane several years ago and never finished it. It is now time to finish this plane. I still need to get an esc. Right now I don't have a 500 mAh battery but I do have two 850 mAh 3s 75c batteries. Do you think that the 850 mAh will work ?

All input is welcomed,


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I have not specifically built the flyer, but I have built quite a few low aspect RET planes in that general size range that behave somewhat similar. If you are building with the 24" span such as the standard one that comes in the three pack, you should be fine with the 850. I haven't seen anything that specifically says it recommends a 500 for the Flyer. the wing shape has a lot of surface area and pretty low wing loading, so while it may not do as extreme/effortless vert and high alpha acrobatics as it would with the 500, it will still handle well with 850 and have a very reasonable wing loading, and have a bit more penetration(all this is given you get the CG right.)


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I had mine with a CF2822 1200kv and 3S 800mah batteries
when you get bored, change it for the Delta, it's what I did with the same powerpod, it's more fun but harder to handle


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info. I am hoping to fly this plane in my back yard. The slower the better for me. It is nice to know that there are a few people flying the FT Flyer.