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FT Flying 3d Printer


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I know this probably sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I challenge the FliteTest team to make a plane that can fly long enough to 3d print a part for the aircraft carrying the 3d printer. I figure that if you guys can make a cinder block fly than you can somehow fill a plane with enough batteries to run an onboard 3d printer for the time it take to 3d print a prop or spacer for the plane. It can't be that different from a flying microwave or blender or turkey! Anyways, I doubt this will come to reality but I'd love to hear the opinions of the everyone on the forum and especially Peter cause he seems to make many unique designs. Oh and if anyone else has seen or has themselves done this, please post, I'd love to see it.

P.S. It would be a even bigger feat if you could do this on a multirotor but that's pushing it too far.


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Cool Idea or not (hey I LOVE rapid protyping tools :D ), most *SMALL* 3d parts print in the timeframe of *HOURS* . . . and they really prefer stable surfaces.


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Not to steal your thunder (ok I'm stealing your thunder...). I posted virtually the same idea a few weeks ago.


I think it would be a perfect plane for any of the Maker Faire's they might go to.
Wow, I'm sorry. I totally didn't realize that was there. I should probably have searched up the idea first. I totally agree with the idea of bringing it to maker fair. It would be like the perfect combination of flitetest and diyers. In the past though, maker fair seemed to only allow rc's in the netted area's so I don't know if testing it there would be effective. Anyways, hopefully reposting your idea will help bring it to life.