FT Goblin Nose Brace

FT Goblin Nose Brace 2

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kilroy07 submitted a new resource:

FT Goblin Nose Brace - Tired of the nose ripping off your Goblin?!!

After losing my third nose, I'd had enough.
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This works like a charm!
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I glued mine in place using wood/gorilla glue BEFORE the wings were mated to the fuselage.
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Should print solid with 2 walls selected in your slicer (ADD Supports!)
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Let us know how it worked for you!

Check out the video, I had a 2200 crammed in the nose and it STILL didn't come off!!

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I'm really starting to like the Goblin!! I may have to scratchbuild one in the near future. That Nose Brace WORKS!!! (y)(y):cool:
..... The DOA Servo was just for Crash Test purposes, Right?? :p