FT Gremlin Motor/ESC Issue

Matt Ruggz

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Hi guys,
Ever since I've had my Gremlin, the performance has been very disappointing. I think the problem has to do with the FC. I have replaced both the motor and ESC that has been acting up. When I arm the quad, the motor seems to struggle to spin up, but then finally gets up to speed. This seems to be holding all the other motors back, so when I do something like do a flip I can not recover even at full throttle. Does anyone know what the issue could be?


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Welcome to the FT forums Matt!

What ESC protocol are you using? Have you calibrated the ESC endpoints? If you take the props off and go in to the motors tab and spin the motors up individually, do they start at the same point and spin up to the same speed?

Post up some pictures of your build. Always good to see what others are doing.



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I have the same thing going on with the front left motor on mine. Never seems to have an effect on how it flys though. I will tell you that the Gremlin kind of struggles to catch itself if you set min throttle by normal standards. Finding the lowest steady speed and adding a few points does not suit the Gremlin well. Mine will spin steady at 1032 - 1035 min throttle but I keep it up at 1050 or better so it can have the "Head speed" to complete maneuvers likes a power loop and not just free fall while struggling to catch its own weight.