FT Guinea Pig (Review)


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Has anyone done a mod on the hatch to open and close it? I am building one now and was wondering... I was interested. This is a great kit thanks to FT. I will post pics from my build of the FT Guinea Pig--Fat Albert style. The more I think about JATO... Mmuaahh!


Has anyone put together a DX8 file for this plane? Would love to steal someone else's programming skills :)

I'm building my second fuselage now simply because this plane is SO much fun to fly that I now want to build it 'nice'. I ended up re-building the nose with fixed gear as opposed to the steerable nose wheel - it was getting shoved through the foam even on soft landings. The fixed nose gear works just fine though as the cargo plane takes off in 6 feet or so - no need to taxi very far!

I'm planning on doing something different to support the outer vertical stabs on the tail. Mine seem to be prone to bending. Anyone else experiencing that issue?



Hey Guys,
Did my guinea pig build and maiden. I had previously built the original twins cargo on rcgroups.com by Peter but this design is so much better, stable and flies so good! Very happy with it. I did my maiden and got some pictures. All went well and now planning to drop some paratroopers from it...
I went with the Disney planes paint scheme on it and it came out really good.
Here are some pictures:
IMG_2947.JPG IMG_2957.JPG IMG_2960.JPG IMG_2964.JPG IMG_2965.JPG IMG_2968.JPG


Does anybody know what the guinea should weigh once built? IE: Including glue, motors ect.

The plans say 2.2 lbs but is this just the raw foamboard and other materials like push rods & horns?


mine weighs about 2.13 pounds without the battery... 2.2 pounds is with everything except the battery...


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The pod cast with air bears has really changed my focus with what I want to do with RC. I can think of no better design for Search and Rescue than the VTOL FPV Guinea Pig. It can carry a gimbal camera, plenty of battery for long flights, drop cargo i.e. water or medicine with tracker. I want to join air bears but I need help with the VTOL.


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Bigger motors?

Love the planes. What do you guys and ladies think about putting a larger motor into the Guinea. I was looking at GT2815 instead of the GT2215. I like to go fast, and I want to make sure it can carry the pay load I will put in it. Im not sure if the extra 50g per motor is worth it. Any comments welcomed.
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usually you can go fast or haul weight but not both
you could go with faster motor and with the standard then just keep switching pods.
I built one with a cargo box and set up for 2 smoke bombs and the extra weight will be right at 1 lbs. but the figures on the standard motor is for 2.75 lbs of thrust so the extra weight should be ok as the plane empty weighs 2.75 lbs. now to do the flat spins it will need to be empty.


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How much weight do you think this thing can carry? What is the heaviest item that anyone has flown? I'm curious to know how much weight the airframe could handle and how much the it is able to lift with the recommended motors.


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I love this model i like to build it but my TX is 4ch ( TX include the delta mixing function too) can i fly this plane? Is it possible because this is a twin motor plane


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I love this model i like to build it but my TX is 4ch ( TX include the delta mixing function too) can i fly this plane? Is it possible because this is a twin motor plane

You should be able to use only 4ch. The twin motors can be setup on a Y harness so that they utilize a single throttle channel, but pull the +V/center wire from one of the ESC leads to prevent feeding double power to your receiver. The original MG build video talked about how to do the Y-harness for the ESCs.