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FT Master Series Corsair build Feb 2020

Hi there

Here's my build underway from John Overstreet's kit. John, if you read these, you're a genius mate. This will take foamboard to new levels!

I am trying a coverall finish for a foamboard plane for something different. I haven't done the best job but it's my first attempt. It is at least keeping the weight down.

I claim points back though for my scalpel work making the decals!

More to come.

Perth, Western Australia


This is the colour without filter - dark sapphire blue.

Well, we maidened this today at my local club and I am absolutely wrapped. First launch and the club pres was expecting the usual first flight wrestle. This thing just floated into a gentle climb and he hadn't touched a thing.

Thanks FT for bringing this together, looking forward to many happy flights.