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FT Mini Alpha (and Charlie) loses power after 45-55 seconds of flying

This is my first post so here it goes!

I scratch built the FT Mini Alpha and Charlie but am experiencing a loss of power after about a minute of flying. The motor is very hot to touch and the ESC also feels warm. Is this what is known as a brown out? It's not a transmitter problem because I can hold the plane on high throttle and duplicate the problem. I am using two motors, and batteries purchased from FT. Both planes are acting the same way.

Thank you all for any help you can offer. Love what Flite Test has done for this hobby. Especially for a novice like myself!

List of electronics include:
BLHeli Series 12amp ESC(XT-30)
EMAX Motor MT2204 KV2300
(XT-30)800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery
ES9051 (4.3g) Plastics Digital Servo (2)
AR500 Receiver
DX5e Transmitter


If the motor is spinning a prop that is too large and the esc cant supply the current, then the motor will cut out. Mabye get a blheli 20 amp and or get better veltilation. You should basically be able to see from the front scoops ibro the prop. Also make sure the motor has nothing rubbing on it.
Good points Maxj16 and SlingShot.

The prop is the recommended 6.45 CW Reverse Prop. Counter clockwise rotation on the pusher motor with numbers on the prop facing forward (as the FT video instructs). I bought all the electronics from FT and scratch built the air frame. Both planes are set up exactly like the build videos. No ventilation on those so I'm curious why I would be having problems? I think I'll try flying without the canopy and see if that helps...

Thanks for your replies!


Gravity Tester
Check to make sure the motor spins freely (not binding up) and that the bolts securing the motor are not too long an touching the windings.


Posted a thousand or more times
Are you full throttle the whole time? I had issues with the C-Pack in the Spitfire and Bushwacker and I attributed my trouble to flying wide open throttle for too long and over heating the ESC.
**Update** - Definitely an overheating issue. I removed the canopy from my FT Charlie (secured the battery with a velcro strap) and it flew perfectly for several minutes until the battery started to lose power.

On my FT Alpha I relocated the ESC to inside the air intake area where it will get plenty of air. Unfortunately I pitched it into the ground twice so I don't know if this will work yet.

Thank you all for the comments and suggestions!