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Ft Mini Arrow Ideas


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This was my first. It is in the dump. Basically I learned basic flying on my TT, then moved to this one.

Then built this one for my brother a year and a half ago. He's scared of it and hasn't flown it yet... 😒

And this is my latest one that for the life of me I can't get it to fly. Guess it's a combo of heavy 3d printed parts and bad motor? Either way it's just for looks now.

About to build a 4th for combat at FliteFest. Got the new 2204 FT Radial for it and won't be doing any 3d parts for it.
Anyway, good luck painting it. Share your pics when your done.

Robert S

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The pic shows the evolution of my first mini-arrow as I incorporated 3-d printed parts.

Then there was my wide-body version. It's the same black and yellow with stabilizers done in the colors for port and starboard.

Im about to build my fourth (or maybe fifth?). I'm printing the body in yellow LW-PLA with yellow LW-PLA stabilizer. Wings will get fiberglassed this time and be painted black again. I've got some decals I made on my computer and printed on decal paper.


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