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FT Mini Guinea Build

This past weekend I was flying the MInier Guinea and mid flight I decided it was time to move the electronics to a normal size MIni Guinea. So as any of us would do, I leveled out about 20ft off the ground, went full throttle and after about 20yards I pull the stick back to a full up pitch...SNAP the wing folded and it spiralled like a perfectly thrown football for another 30 yards before hitting the ground. I had only used foam for the wing spar in the Minier due to time and not wanting a thick heavy wood spar in the smaller wing.

Yesterday I began cutting foam on my iNav Mini Guinea. 100% Mini Guinea scale and this time I am including the cargo drop. Wing is cut, I still need fire walls for the 4 motor pods, buddy is 3D printing me some, and then I need to cut down a Lowes yard stick to make a good wooden spar.

I got the fuselage mostly cut out and glued together, just needs the tails and tail servos now. I built an internal cargo bay to keep stuff from floating forward into the nose or back into the tail. Then I rigger up a servo to open and close the door. I had to add wiring to the F411-Wing FC to get the 5th servo output, but got it working great!

Side by side fuselage comparison of the Minier and Mini Guineas

This is how I put the servo in to control the cargo door. IMG_20190522_212944.jpg

Cargo door operation, I have no servo speed control for door down, but slowed for return to closed.

This was a quick drop of a few tiny paratroopers

Almost ready to fly, just need some BBQ scewers (used my last one on the Minier Guinea) and some rubber bands. Based on the ridiculous amount of thrust I had with the 4x 3" props on the Minier I think I may be fine to fly the full size on 3S 2200mAh, but I'll have a 4S 1550mAh ready just i case.

Oh and I took the idea from Josh on the Watermelon drop episode and went with 2 nose wheels rather than the classic Mini Guinea. If she flies well I plan to try a iNav Auto Launch, but from the wheels, always wondered how well that would work....


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Took her out last night and had a successful flight on 3S 2200mAh battery. It was a little windy around 10mph with gusts and the 3S setup was right at the limit, but flew fine. 3S will be fine for lazy flights on calm days.

Threw a 4S 1550mAh battery in and she had that extra pep to deal with the wind a little better. Unfortunately I think on the first landing the left wing got creased a little and mid flight it started to fold up just past where I had the wooden spar, which runs the full length of the flat bottom of the wing. I tried to get her back to land, but it folded up more and ended up coming down in the field.


The tail was damaged in the "landing", but this picture shows the wing folded up.


Closer look at the bottom show that it broke right at the end of the wooden spar.


And here is the top showing it ripped through the paper and foam.


I glued the parts back together and will try flying it again, but if it still has issues then I guess I will rebuild the wing and just make the wooden spar go the entire length of the wing, it will just stick out in view some on the ends, maybe I'll paint it white :)

Here is some video from the maidens