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FT Mustang "Miss America" with retracts


Bushwacker Pilot
I wanted to share some pictures of my FT Mustang with retracts. I'm sorry I didn't document the build thoroughly, since adding the retracts took a lot of thought in the execution since they have to be added before the wing is inserted into the fuselage, and I even went as far as adding and sanding a second piece of foam to the bottom of the wing. I had to make it slightly thicker to fit the retract motors, tires, and have the gear door sit flush with the wing. Questions and comments are welcomed!

2016-05-18 02.54.25.jpg 20160518_032058.jpg 20160518_032142.jpg 20160520_120324.jpg 1462687511325.jpg 1462687756540.jpg



Bushwacker Pilot
Very nice! Thanks for sharing. How is the ground handling with those on grass?
Not good. The tires ended up being too small, but they'll all I could fit in the wing. works fine on pavement. Luckily the bike path runs parralell to the soccer field I fly at so it makes a great runway.


Winter is coming
Ouch! Definitely fixable though. Yah on my planes with smaller wheels I find I have to stick to dirt patches or areas with bare, dry grass.


Posted a thousand or more times
You did an incredible job with this build! Sorry about the crash. I would like to do the same thing with my next FT Mustang. What size spinner are you using? Do you mind posting a link to the retracts you used? Thanks for sharing.
Great job on the plane! Sorry about the crash though. Based on the photos of it upside down on the CG balancer, it looks quite tail heavy. The saying goes "A nose heavy plan flies poorly. A tail heavy plane flies once". Seemed to be the case here. :( Good luck on the rebuild! :)


Maker of skins for foam board RC planes
Nice job on Miss A! We just installed a textile runway at our club field which is working great for smaller wheeled aircraft.
Love the color scheme. I started a paper skin for this very color scheme a few months back. Never finished it. Seeing your plane really makes me want to revisit it.
Was thinking the same decal and stripe of the Miss America on my mustang, but then the complicated of using only OPP tape back me down. How do you put the design on your mustang? Issit a marker pen?