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FT Mustang Scale?


Junior Member
Hi, I'm building a FT Mustang for the first time. What is the approximate scale of the model? I would like to be able to purchase the appropriate sized decals for the plane.


Full size has 37' span and the FT design I think is 40".

I won't pretend to do the math, I don't want to embarrass myself :)


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Yep, if the FT Mustang is really 40" span that'd be 1/11.1 scale.
Scale is just the full size in inches divided by the scale size. 37'x12 gets you a full scale span of 444" Divide this by the 40" span of the model and you have 11.1 So the scale is 1/11.1 scale.
Well you can do what I've done in the past. Use Photoshop or GIMP if you need a graphics program for free. Draw up the decal and Print it on the clear inkjet material. Make sure you print it inverse then cut it out like a decal. Once you've done this spray some spray adhesive on the printed side and then stick them where you want :) Viola instant professional looking sticker or decal. :)