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FT Old Speedster - Build Help

Hello everyone,
I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some help.
So this would be my first scratch build. i have been watching the show for what seams like ages i just have never got around to building my own plane. This ones looks like a beauty!
I need some advice...with the printout plans is it better to print out the tiles or the shrunk down plans? I am not sure how to get the correct measurements; obviously important to get that right. In addition to that i would appreciate some extra tips on the build process (drawing out, measuring and cutting)
Hope you can help.
I'm kinda new so others can probably offer better advice but I took the full size plans to a FedEx kinkos and paid about 7 bucks to have the plan printed at 100%. It was done in greyscale. I just put the plans on a thumb drive and they printed all 3 plans in no time.
Not all of the dimensions are given so you will definitely need to print them full size in some fashion. If you can't find a printer close to your house, use free "Adobe Reader X" to tile the pdf to fit your printer. I hate tiling but have done it in a pinch. If I do have to do it, I prefer to select the "poster" print option on the full size pdf rather than print a tiled pdf. That way I can control the cut lines and overlap. Not to mention match the size of paper I have loaded.

Also if I tile plans, I tend to transfer the assembled paper plans to poster board templates so I don't have to do it ever again. :)

Good Luck!


skunkworx hobbies
I do the same as monkey thou it is quite a pain in the A#$. I find laying out and taping the plants to be more work then the actual build.
You said it adam! It is so very much the cost of getting them printed full size.
Although for me that just means driving in to the office, but the cost is in time instead of working from home that day.