FT P-40 Warhawk

FT P-40 Warhawk 1.0


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FT P-40 Warhawk - FT P-40 Warhawk Free Plans

FT P-40 Warhawk

Designed By: Andres Lu
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

The FT P40 is a Flite Test take on a classic design. Simple build techniques allow this plane to be folded together in hours and result in a flight experience that an intermediate to advanced pilot will enjoy. Add the optional bent landing gear and the P40 handles just as good on the ground as it does in...

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Thanks! I’ve also got a spektrum AR636 lying around, does that also work?
Yea any Spektrum Rx should work with their radios. I used to run with the AR620, but I have also damaged or lost 3 of them this summer alone and at $45-55 a pop I decided to give the Lemons a try. Cheaper to replace and work just as good if not better.


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Hi FT community. I'm a little confused with the CoG. The plans shows 2 inches, back from the leading edge? However, the official build video, the text on the screen when the guy checks the CoG shows 1/2 inch from leading edge. Who is correct, or what is the correct CoG from the leading edge? Thank you.


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I set up the CG over the front most fold of the wing with battery in place and plane inverted. This corresponds to about 2 inches from the leading edge. I usually fly with a 2200 -3000 3S. I have not added any weights to my plane to get the CG right (other builds may need some weights). Flies like a dream. Good luck P 40.JPG