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FT Racer and the Grayson Hobby Parkjets

Hi Guys

Basil from Grayson Hobby here.

We have a lot of customers who come and show off their Flite Test plans in person and via email.

The FT Racer looks like it would a perfect match for one of our "park jet" motors, either the small, but powerful MicoJet V3, the popular SuperSonic 2212-06 or the beast of them all, the Super Mega Jet.

MicroJet Combo
Super Sonic 2212-06 Combo
Super Mega Jet Combo

So with that said, lets see your FT Racers with any of your Grayson ParkJets.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Basil, love your parts and your store (although I have yet to be been lucky enough to drive by when you're open :( )!

Won't tell you how to spend your ad money, but chatting with Chad Kapper or Austin Furey about sponsoring an episode or testing motors or . . . some reasonable show idea . . . I'm sure they'd be happy to work out how to add exposure to a good hobby supplier while educating, entertaining and elevating.

Keep in mind, they're brutally honest at times -- that can cut both ways -- but we wouldn't listen to their recommendations if they weren't.
Monster Jet......Monster Jet. The racer will go into warp drive with a Monster Jet. ;)

I would think the wings would be ripped off :) (j/k) That is for sure an idea...hmm, Which one is going to be 1st? :p


Thanks for the info concerning episodes... I have 100% confident in our products, so honesty will be appreciated and welcomed.

As for our store, come on up any Saturday, we would love to have you.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Up until I started building my multi copters all my motors, ESCs, batteries, and servos came from you guys. Your service has been awesome and you shipping is great. I've only had one motor go bad because a wire was ripped off the bottom. Once I start building more scratch builds ill be buying my motors from you guys again!


Senior Member
Would these motors just rip the mount off of my pusher mount Versa Wing? I want to upgrade for more power! But the KV seems awfully high on these motors, or am I just crazy?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
2200KV is normal for park flyer planes such as RC Powers and will work well on Flite Test Planes as well. You just use 6" props instead of the bigger props used for lower KV motors. I will be flying a Grayson Hobbies SuperSonic or Megajet with APC 6X4 on my Versa Wing when I finish Laminating it.



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I'll be curious what you think with that motor. I'm using a stock motor from the AXN Floater Jet and would like to see the power and speed from this motor. I wanna see if you blow the wings off this or even the motor mount! I enjoyed the flight of this wing even with the speeds that I got, just curious of more power! Although it would lead to more destruction on my part...
I am also curious about what the GH 2212-06 and a 6x4e prop would do to a Versa Wing, I happen to have one sitting in my parts box that was originally destined for an all too common F-22 Raptor Parkjet, but never got around to building the Raptor, and I like wings...:cool:


Flite is good

Love the "disposable foamy" motors for my scratch build designing. Those Threaded shaft motors with the GWS type props (hex around the hole) work out great. The hex is the same size as that nut and it all fits together nicely. Great value for great performance. There will be a few of them flying around Flite Fest.

Be safe and have fun,