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FT Racer Build 11-16-13

Thanks. I really had a fun time with the scoops. I did a test of the way josh shows in the build video but found mounting them prior to be much easier as they are accessible.

Just started painting and should have some shots uploaded tonight.
Here's the painted FT Racer I just built. It was simple enough. Used blue painters tape or paper just laid against the edges to create the lines on the wing tips.

IMG_5676.JPG IMG_5678.JPG IMG_5681.JPG
I used rustoleum gloss. The trick with that is 2-3 coats. You get the 1st - 2nd coat as mainly flat even though it's gloss. Then the third coat or if applying heavy on the 2nd coat it will become glossy. NOTE: I used packing tape on some parts and you need super long dry time before you apply anything to it. I tried taping off some parts on the wings with blue painters tape and even a day later it peeled off.
Don't the scoops cause a ton of drag? It would be nice if there was a hole in them to cool off the ESC or something.
Sweet looking plane, anyway!
That is exactely what I was thinking of doing if I build this plane.
I actually left the back bottoms open so there's less drag. It's a "slit" that's 3/4 of the scoup. I was gonna put in a slit as well and then I thought how much pressure might be put elsewhere in the plane and decided against it.