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FT Racer visual work


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Don't worry about the wriggly lines a decent crash will straighten them out:rolleyes:

Seriously though great work and obviously a lot of work. Well done!


Skill Collector
Ooohhh - it went back into it's kit form! :black_eyed:

So tell us the story! The design work looked great - might even be able to get it to line up again if the edges are more torn than crushed. Might need a little bamboo skewer reinforcement when reattaching the tail - and keep a close eye on making sure the horizontal stabilizer and wing are both level with each other when reattaching.
story's quite sad i managed to put it back together but theres too much weight on the plane by the time i was building the thing i didn't thought that the extra weight i add would change much, when i got the foam board for free from my office there was some advertising printed materials glued on it, thats adds up some 100+grams to build another thing was aluminum motor mount built in to the frame another 100g.. the whole plane is wrapped in white oracal film and decals on top of it the pushroads i made out of old bicycle wheel spokes and so on... was trying to make as rigged as possible but did too much weight and engine i have is only 1150 rpm/v and the whole thing is extremely tail heavy, moving the battery dosnt help. basically its one shitty plane to fly :D
all it dose is just looks good, now im working on new model, top winged, and this time will try to save on weight as much as possible. now this one looks almost good as new, but its already a decoration in my kitchen now. the new baby will look even better. will update when done.


Posted a thousand or more times
Building foam planes is an iterating process! Nicely done on the detail work!

Remember, building them rigid and stiff makes them stronger but also heavier. So then you have to fly faster to keep them flying which means they hit harder when they crash and are more likely to break on impact rather than bend or flex. Toughness vs. weight vs. aesthetics is a hard balance to perfect. Good luck on the next one!