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FT Rail System Confusion

I'm building a spider quad using the Electro Hub and FT Rail System (short). What I'm not getting is how to keep the rail system from sliding.

I've assembled it as shown in the pics - Thumb screw on top, rubber grommet on bottom. I've also tried swapping so the thumb screw is squeezing the grommet to the bottom of the bottom plate, but the tray slid horribly.

I think I'm missing something fundamental here. Could someone post a pic of their finished Rail System on their copter?
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Welcome to the forums RotoBearron! Congratulations on your build -- I know I'd love to see some photos. I think the rail system is so new that there's not a whole lot of information out on it yet. I believe I saw on a periscope broadcast that Eric had just made a build video. I suspect you can watch for that soon. In the meantime, you might email FT support directly for more help (or even Eric):


Looking at the photos on the product page, it looks like the layer's should be (from bottom up)

Rail -> long bolt -> rubber grommet -> bottom of electrohub plate -> 1/2" space between booms -> top of electrohub plate -> thumb screw. I suspect the rail system is designed to be sliding when the thumbscrews are loosened a bit, but would lock down when tightened...


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I put together a quick review/build video this weekend.

The article is in the moderation queue and should be out soonish.

So you attach the long screws to the rails, then put the grommet between the rail and the Electrohub. The thumbscrews then hold it in place - you'll end up squeezing the grommet close to the hub plate. You can tighten the thumbscrew pretty far to get a solid fit.