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FT Scout - B-pack - What batteries fit?

What batteries do you use on your Ft Scout or other B-pack builds?

  • 800-1000 mah - 3S

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  • 800-1000 mah - 4S

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  • 1000-1500 mah - 4S

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  • 1500+ mah - 4S

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  • Other (comment)

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I finally built a scout after seeing one at the field last year. It was a nice easy build. I am very excited to have something with landing gear. My Bushwacker's gear either lost a wheel on every flight or ripped entirely off on every landing. My Bloody Wonder's gear could never get sufficient prop clearance. I've run into a problem however. I've flow lots of A, F & C pack planes and have batteries to match. I also have a 4" and a 5" quad. With my giant pile of batteries, I don't have an exact match for the recommend 1300mah 3S xt60 that fits the specific dimensions. What is everyone else using? Did you buy new batteries for your B pack planes?

My options are as follows:
* 800-850mah 3S xt30 - Fits, with xt60 adaptor. CG is not great. Some of these are not high C rated batteries so 30A continuous is a bad idea. My Tattu 75C should be OK.
* 800-850mah 4S xt30 - Barely fits, with xt60 adaptor. CG is better. C rating is consistently higher on these. Likely my best option.
* 1500mah 4S xt60 - Really close to to the prop. Barely fits, needs a little fuselage flex to get in and out. 4S should be OK with a smaller prop but of course the FT Radials don't come with an amp draw chart or even clear recommendations on props. My 7" prop would likely work. I only have one of these batteries as a test for my new 5" quad.
* 2200mah 3S xt60 - My default C pack battery. I have like 7 of these. They don't fit without removing the gear AND to get the right CG they stick out the nose close to the prop.
Mine has flown fine on 3S 1100 and 1500 mah batteries. When I swap in my C pack motor, 3S 2200 mah batteries balance nicely and provide 15 minute flights even if I go nuts on the throttle and fly it like a not-so-miniquad.

Dunno what their current B pack motors are, but the 900 kv Emax one they used to stock pulls like 15, maybe 20 amps at full throttle. I checked it at some point, but I forget. It didn't balance the best with a 2200 mah, but I got almost a 30 minute flight with that power setup. Nice, easy going FPV time.