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FT Simple Cub is ready to Maiden


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Finally decided to build something a little bigger than all my mini's I've recently done. The Simple Cub was easier to build IMO. This one is 4-channel with the C-pack motor and a 1300mah 3S Lipo battery. Hopefully the winds will calm by this afternoon for me to give Big Chub a whirl.



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I like it! Good luck with the flight - don't bring it home trashed like I did with my first simple cub (though that was more due to poor build than poor flying)
Hopefully not. May do maiden with 3 channel only then switch over to 4 channel. I trashed my mini Mustang yesterday after letting it get too far away and lost orientation. Straight nose dive into the ground. But the motor and all still works and flew it all in my TT 1 hour later.
I was gonna ask about the sound then I saw your update. Lol. I did my maiden flight on my simple cub today and it was way quieter. Love the monochromatic scheme. Gonna be doing a red white and blue scheme on mine to match the 1:6 pontoon boat I built my dad but the weather is too cold for paint right now.


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**Update: In case you didn’t notice I realized I had the prop on backwards the entire time. Just went out and flew it with the prop correctly mounted and boy what a difference that was. Flew smoother and much faster with less noise.
Lol, I didn’t know it was a backwards prop! But I was going back through the thread to see where you put in the edf. I figured you had done some mad science mashup of motors 😁looks like she flew reasonably well for that issue, nice job!