FT Simple Storch - BUILD


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The FT Simple Storch is available as a laser cut speed build swappable in our online store. As always we also have complete build plans available for free linked at the bottom of this article.


When you purchase your speed build kit, we encourage you to save the cut outs and make yourself a template!


The FT Simple Storch offers some of the usual build techniques along with a few new design elements.


Center your servos and get your servo extensions. You'll want to also build your Power Pod before first!


A full list of electronics is available below.


Pre-dialed in differential will give your aileron more upward deflection.


Be sure to clear out all of the channels so your plane will fold together tightly.


Keep an eye out for the 'new' cloudy white glue sticks which don't work as well as the original clearer sticks.


The landing gear is the most recognizable feature of the Fieseler fi 156 Storch.


We replicate this unique landing gear easily with just a few bends of wire. These components come with your speed built swappable kit!


We are also introducing FT Elements Reinforcement Discs with this build!

We designed the FT Elements Reinforcement Discs based on viewer feedback and with these discs you'll be able to have a more secure connection to your power pod and fuselage.


The tubing can be cut to secure your bbq skewer into your fuselage.


The FT Simple Storch features a very clean design with how the canopy glues together.


We're excited to see how everyone will customize their FT Simple Storches!

The speed build kit come with wheel cutouts and control horns and other accessories, available here.

Complete power packs are available for your power pod.


If you want to pick up a speed-build kit head on over to the web store! Otherwise, you can download the free plans at the link below.

FREE Build Plans:
FT Simple Storch [FULL]
FT Simple Storch [TILED]

Recommended electronics:
MOTOR - Suppo 2217/7 1200kv Brushless Motor (Park 425 equivelant)
4 Servos (Option 1) - Hextronic 9 Gram Servo
4 Servos (Option 2) - Suppo SP-90 9g Micro Servo
ESC (Option 1) - TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller
ESC (Option 2) - Suppo 18A Brushless ESC
Battery (Option 1) - Turnigy 1800mAh 3s 20C Lipo Pack
Battery (Option 2) - Turnigy 2200mAh 3s 20C Lipo Pack
Prop (Option 1) - Slow Fly 10x4.7 prop
2 - 12" servo lead extensions
2 - 24" servo lead extensions
Y servo leads for ailerons (and flaps)
Linkage stoppers

Complete Electronic Power Packs (Power Pod Components) are available from these resellers:
Uplifting Hobbies - FT Simple Storch Power Pack
Altitude Hobbies

Thank you to the entire community for making projects like this possible.



Quick question? What are the sizes of this airplane? Because I want to make a 50% or so. I don't really have room to build a full-scale one :p


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Has FT reached out to hotglue makers to find out the true reason for the different types? Perhaps a hotglue factory tour episode? Hot glue gun factory too?


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You almost made me late for work again, flite test!
Lucky (?) for me youtube didn't play nice and Bixler hadn't even gotten through the tirst "physically" br efore the Video stalled.
I'm not really planning on building a Storch for myself, since I already got a plane to fill that role. I will probaby build one with my cousin, though who wants to get intothe hobby. Might add a few scale bits around the canopy, since the original has quite a bit of overhang. The box spar is another interesting idea which might find its way into my dc3 instead of a modified cruiser wing. (yes, I know noone's seen hide nor hair of that plane yet. maybe i can finally get something done this weekend...)

Anyway, looking forward to watching the video tonight. I find it oddly relaxing to just watch the build videos, even if I'm not building.
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I can't wait to build this!!!!! I'm going to cut out a couple extra wings so I can have one with slats and other fun mods and then the normal one with just flaperons


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I've suggested that on the youtube comments: The reinforcement for the power pod bbq skewers doesn't need to be round if you are scratchbuilding. Cutting a square is so much easier than a circle when using a saw :).

I wonder why the front of the wing doesn't have a popsicle stick for reinforcement - and the holes used for the wing bbq-skewers don't have either?


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I use an old gift card, chopped into 4 and drilled out, to reinforce my power pod and fuse's skewer holes. The added surface area really helps distribute the load, and it's thin enough for minimal interference with the power pod's removal.


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Are the Tiled plans sliced right? I thought there were supposed to be the dashed lines on each border to line them up. But on page 9 for instance, there isn't anything on the top.


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Has FT reached out to hotglue makers to find out the true reason for the different types? Perhaps a hotglue factory tour episode? Hot glue gun factory too?

Hey BridgeInspector: We've been discussing it here for quite some time, thanks to nerdnic.

I reached out to Ad tech today to inquire about the issues with the bad batch of formula 220 "Multi Temp" glue that is popular. Just waiting to hear back and I'll update the thread I linked as more information becomes available.


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I liked the accumulation of MD cans as the project progressed!

Wheels look good on the seaplane, will be neat to see how they attach.

Great job with the skewer doubler design! I have been using light ply and punch holes in it with a leather hole punch. Great to see them be included in the speed build kit!



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Really like the STOL. Was hoping it would come in under 40" wingspan.
I sometimes pray for rain and it snows.

I'll keep looking... and shoveling


Really like the STOL. Was hoping it would come in under 40" wingspan.
I sometimes pray for rain and it snows.

I'll keep looking... and shoveling

I'm gonna try to build a 50% or 25% version :)
Saves some paper, and a lot of space :D I dont even think I would be able to transport it decently.


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Michiel -

I'd have to clean off my workbench to make enough space to join the Storch wings, so I understand where you're coming from! As for transport, at least the wings are removable. I usually have no trouble carrying planes in my MINI Cooper, but the Storch might be a squeeze, even with the wings off.

Best of luck,



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As mentioned before I'm going to build 2 Storches (if that is a word)

One for my son with basic ailerons. I'll most likely made his plane with a power pod but not sure yet.
The motor package I plan to use has an ESC that seems to fair better when mount outside the plane.
Tends to get a little warm ;)

If I go san power pod I suspect I'll put a double layer of foam to reinforce the nose section.