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FT Spitfire motor and props

Hi, I've tried to use a small motor I had laying arround and it's way too underpowered, so I decided to give it a better setup. I think I'll go with this motor https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-d3530-14-1100kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html but I have no idea what propeller I should get, there are so many options. I want to get a couple of different ones just to feel what I like, any recommendations? One more thing, will 30A ESC be enough or should I get 40A one just to be safe?

mach1 rc

Elite member
A 9inch prop should be fine and 30 amp esc should work unless you run it on 4s.you would have to trim the propeller about an inch if it's on 4s.


Legendary member
I agree with @mach1 rc . A 9 inch prop and 30 amp ESC will work on 3S. I believe you even use a 10 inch prop, so long as it were shallow pitch, something like a 10x4. I don't think I would try a 10x6.

I always use a watt meter when trying a new motor/prop combo.