Help! FT Stem 2Ch EZ Receiver Lost its Antenna… Pinout Available?


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Hi there, I work with a program that purchased the FT Stem EZ Flyer kits for our HS.

One of our 2Ch Stem V2 receivers lost its antenna and we are trying to give it a new one, but I am not sure which pad to attach a new antenna to. If there’s a technical drawing or pinout for this receiver or if someone is able to guide me to which pad I should be connecting to, that would be awesome.




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I would agree if this were a receiver for a larger more important plane.
What is your soldering experience?
First time soldering. I soldered a new wire on in the picture I posted, but the new cable doesn’t seem adequate, so I’m gonna spring for some actual 2.4GHz antennas and try again.

I heated the pad, tinned the cable, then joined them together, hopefully real antenna should solve the issue.