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Ft Storch landing gear

Just finished building the Storch with the free build plans, all i need now is the landing gear. How long are the pieces of landing gear wire??? Thanks


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Check the build video
I don't think the build video tells it. I paused the video multiple times to get a look at the ruler when Bixler presses the wire up along it, but you can't get a good look. It looked like 15" to me. But in the video it is never clear. Or maybe I missed it.


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Just measured my unused kit and they are indeed 15.5 inches. Somewhere I remember Josh saying it was 0.100 music wire, but I actually have 0.090

eta: Actually I have three .090 and one .063, which is odd :confused:
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I measured my pre-production kit back on August 8, 2014.

Gear wire was Ø 0.90" (ASW 32 gage) x 15.5" long


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I had problems with my printed legs on my quad - because it was too hot in the car ;-).

Do you mind uploading your design somewhere so others can use it? Here or Thingiverse perhaps?
I will be uploading on YouMagine for all and sundry to print and enjoy. I don't see any reason not to post it here as well. The current design (a bit of a rush) weighs 110-120g when printed in ABS with 1mm wall thickness and 20% infill. I'm going to add a few artful holes to lighten it up a little, and then post it. As-is it prints in about 2 hours per piece, only one at a time will fit on an 8x8 printbed. I'll post a more full set of printer settings when I post the files.

For your quad, did you print it in ABS or PLA? I had problems with PLA objects warping in the car myself, and switched to only using ABS since a lot of my parts are in hot environments.
Okay, did some work. Made some cut-outs, if the angles look funny, it's because I didn't want to have to use support while printing. The cutouts dropped the weight to 40g per leg, so 80g total, or about what the stock gear weighs. Render to come soon.



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I'm not sure. I had it printed at a conference with a maker booth ;). But I'm guessing it was PLA then.
Yeah, when the temp gets warm, PLA will warp without warning. There are some companies making a type of high-temp PLA, but it costs way more than regular PLA and ABS, so I continue to use ABS. My new printer will be able to do nylon, which will be really strong, not that ABS is weak; we did destructive testing trying to break some ABS parts made for RC naval combat ships, even shooting them at about 1' range with a BB cannon repeatedly. Really tough stuff.
Did some testing; the original version of my landing gear is plenty strong enough at 20% infill, 1mm wall thickness. The lightweight version is NOT good at 0% infill. I will print some of the lightweight ones at 20% for testing this weekend.